May-August board meeting report: Balcony contractor hired, construction to start soon

It’s been a while since our last posted board update, but we finally have some news to report, all of it good:

  • The board is pleased to announce that it has secured a contractor for the balcony renovation project, Pratt Construction, and negotiated a final contract with them. We expect to have signoff on that in the next few days, at which point the board will schedule a buildingwide meeting with Pratt and our engineer, Midtown Preservation, to go over the timeline of the project and answer any questions that residents may have before construction begins in the coming weeks.
  • If you’ve spotted the Department of Buildings notice in the lobby, we have already cleared one of these violations with the completed repair of the lobby canopy. The other violations refer to the balconies, and are currently adjourned until that project begins. Please remember that no residents are to use the balconies for any purposes in the interim, under order of the Department of Buildings.
  • We have now replaced 11 of the 18 aging roof fans (plus one on top of the garage), so ventilation should be improved in all apartments. One remaining fan that serves the hallways is still not working properly; if it cannot be repaired, the board will have it replaced as well.
  • The board approved a new elevator maintenance company, Big Apple Elevator Service, that we hope will provide better service at a more affordable price.