2016 Board of Directors Election Results

The certified final vote totals by the election inspectors at last night’s shareholders’ meeting (Karina Gaige, Sol Goodman, and Ellen Dede):

Elected to the board of directors:

Esther Yenkelowitz: 17,450

Jacob Kempler: 16,986

Labe Twerski: 16,850

Rhoda Berger: 11,758

Kit Yee Martin: 10,553

Mohamed ElOkdah: 10,200

Neil deMause: 9,876

Not elected to the board of directors:

Greg Conyers: 9,357

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the meeting or voted by proxy, and we look forward to a productive year ahead for both the board and the building as a whole.

The 303 Beverly Owners Corp. board of directors