December/January board meeting report: Repairs, and February shareholder meeting

Board highlights from the December and January meetings:

  • Compiled a list of which issues are the responsibility of the superintendent, which should be addressed with management, and which residents should contact the board about. (To be provided to all residents in a separate document shortly.)
  • Finalized the installation of our new water tank by Rosenwach Group in December.
  • Engaged L&Z Restoration to repair some remaining leaks under our roof warranty.
  • Celebrated the restoration of electricity to the roof fans that vent air from bathrooms and kitchens. Most fans are now in full working order; a handful that are not working properly can be repaired now that the wiring is in good shape.
  • Evaluated and provided feedback on Midtown Preservation’s initial specs for the balcony renovation, which should be ready to go out for bid in the next few weeks. (All residents will get an update as soon as the scope of work is finalized.)

Reminder: The annual shareholder meeting and board vote is set for Tuesday, February 9, at 7 pm in the lobby. Any residents wanting to run for the board of directors should submit a written candidacy statement to the management office by Friday, January 22, so that it can be distributed to voting shareholders. And all shareholders should please try to be in attendance, and bring any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

For questions or comments on these or other board issues, please email For all building management issues, email