September/October/November board meeting report: Upcoming work on balconies, water tank, bike room

Among the issues discussed and decided at board meetings during September, October, and November:

  • Midtown Preservation has concluded its inspection of the building’s balconies — thanks to all residents in the C, H, and J lines for your cooperation. Their final report is due in early December, at which point the board will bid out the balcony renovation work.
  • Inspection of the building’s rooftop water tank revealed that it is time for replacement. Rosenwach Group, one of the two companies that repair all water tanks in New York City, has been contracted to install a replacement tank at a date to be determined in December. (Note that water to the building will be shut off during the one day needed for construction.)
  • The board has contracted with an electrician to repair old wiring on the building’s roof fans, which will allow for nonfunctioning fans to be turned back on.
  • The bike room committee’s plan for that room have taken shape, with a budget approved for a combination of new wall hooks and floor racks that will maximize the room’s space and provide for a better experience for bike riders in the building. Bike room users will be notified when bikes will need to be removed from the room temporarily so that work can begin — in the meantime, if you haven’t tagged your bikes yet with your apartment number, please do so ASAP! (Bike tags are available by the door of the bike room.)
  • While dogs continue to be allowed to visit the building, the board voted that any residents who plan to have dogs visit must email, so that the superintendent can inform door staff to allow these dogs entrance.
  • The board reaffirmed that all moves in or out of the building, or large deliveries or moving of large quantities of furniture or boxes that will require multiple elevator trips, are required by house rules to be scheduled ahead of time so that one elevator may be reserved for this use. The book for reserving the elevator is kept at the front desk; please be prepared with alternate dates in case your preferred date is already taken.
  • The next shareholder meeting and board elections will take place on Tuesday, February 9. Any residents looking to run for the board of directors should prepare a written candidacy statement by mid-January, so that it can be distributed to voting shareholders.

For questions or comments on these or other issues, please email