June/July/August board meeting report: Balcony project underway

After several months of structural testing and soliciting bids, the board is pleased to announce that we have chosen an engineer to design our renovated balconies: Midtown Preservation, which has a long track record of successful balcony reconstruction in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, is being engaged to present us with options for our balconies. Based on test results, at least some of the balconies will need to be stripped down to the bare steel supports, with all concrete removed and then rebuilt; whether some balconies can be subjected to less extensive repairs will be determined in consultation with the engineer.

Work on this last major building renovation project is expected to begin in late fall. Residents will receive more detailed notices of each stage of the project — in particular, when jackhammering will be necessary on each balcony line during weekdays — once we have a schedule in place.

In other news:

• The newly organized bicycle room committee is preparing a proposal for improvements to that room.

• The board is soliciting proposals for long-awaited repairs to the front lobby entrance.

• The board approved a small assessment ($2.50 per share) for owner-shareholders to replenish our building reserve fund and support future projects, a sum that offsets the STAR rebates that owner-shareholders received in June and July.

For questions or comments on any of these or other issues, please email board@303beverley.com.