April/May board meeting report: Light at the end of the sidewalk bridge

Much of the 303 Beverley board’s April and May meetings was taken up with building repair issues, which should see some resolution in the near future:

  • A broken sewer pipe under the garage and broken steam pipe under the lobby both needed emergency repairs, which are now completed. Thanks to all residents for their cooperation and patience during the time that the lobby and several garage spots were out of commission.
  • The latest round of structural tests on our balconies was completed in May, one day too late for us to discuss at our May board meeting. As there were no dates where we could all meet in the interim, we’ll be taking it up at our June meeting, and should finally be ready to move ahead with this last stage in major renovation work immediately thereafter.
  • We’ve purchased two new security cameras to provide more coverage of areas behind the building while the sidewalk bridge remains in place. The board is also researching ways to best address problems of water intrusion through air-conditioner sleeves in 1st floor apartments at back of building. (Several ideas have been presented, each with their own pros and cons.)
  • The board has launched three new resident committees, to discuss ways to improve 1) the bicycle room, 2) the laundry room, and 3) trash rooms on each floor. You should have received a signup sheet with your June monthly invoice; if you are interested in participating, please return that to the doorman or management office, or email board@303beverley.com.

Thanks, and as always, email board@303beverley.com with any questions or concerns.