Garage and Lobby Emergency Repairs

As everyone has no doubt already noticed, the building’s steam pipe contractor began lobby repairs on Monday, April 27. This is to fix a pipe that broke under the lobby earlier this month (resulting in the banging of pipes that woke many of us up some mornings); it is next to, but different from, the pipe that broke last year, leading to a similar lobby closure for repairs.

Our contractor has indicated that the repairs will be completed by the end of this week (depending on when replacement tiles arrive), and we’ll once again be able to use the lobby.

In unrelated news, our sewer contractor will be conducting repairs to the waste water drain under the garage on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1, to repair a hole that is causing rainwater to leak into the bottom of the elevator shaft. Residents with cars in spaces #3 through #9 have already been notified that their spaces will be unusable on those days; we’ve been promised that access to the rest of the garage will be unaffected. The work should be complete by end of day Friday.

Thanks to everyone for your patience with these necessary repairs, and fingers crossed that this is the last of these for a while.