Feb./Mar board meeting report: Moving forward

After again holding extra meetings in February and March, the board is happy to report progress on several fronts:

  • Now that winter is finally almost over, L&Z is moving ahead with the roof repair portion of the building renovations. The noisy ripping up of the old roof is expected to be completed by Friday, March 27; after that, L&Z will spend several weeks installing an entirely new roof, work that should be less disruptive to top-floor residents.
  • The board is hiring a contractor to conduct further tests on the balconies, to determine once and for all what degree of repair work is needed to get results that are both cost-effective and long-lasting. All balcony samples will be taken in one day (residents with selected balconies will be contacted in the next week or so about allowing access for the contractors), and it will take 2-3 weeks to get the test results. We are hoping, then, to be ready to move forward with the actual balcony work by the end of April; how long that work will take will depend on what the test results show.
  • We’ve entered our building into a free city program to facilitate electronics recycling. A new bin for storing discarded electronics is supposed to arrive shortly and will be placed in the trash room; until then, please try to hold off from discarding any electronics, as the city no longer allows these to be put curbside with the regular trash.
  • The buzzers in the lobby vestibule have now been updated. If there are any errors, please let the board know at board@303beverley.com.

More news as this work progresses. And as always, if you have any questions or problems to report, please contact us at board@303beverley.com.